What is Vulnerability & Threat Management?

Vulnerability & Threat Management is the cyclical practice of identifying, assessing, classifying, remediating, and mitigating security weaknesses together with fully understanding root cause analysis to address potential flaws in policy, process and, standards – such as configuration standards.

We Star IT Services can help you develop a useful vulnerability management framework.
The modern business information system is very problematic. The complexity leads to the emergence of a multifaceted network of devices and applications, potentially representing an attack vector or a network entry point. That is why you need specialists.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management service focus includes
  • Establish an appropriate frequency for detecting vulnerabilities
  • Detect such vulnerabilities across the enterprise’s public services and internal resources
  • Attribute an appropriate severity rating to the vulnerability
  • Link the detection capability to the enterprise change, configuration and release management processes.
  • Appropriately address the issues according to their vulnerability
  • Confirm that remediation activities have lowered the exposure to, or removed in total, the initial vulnerability
  • Perform ongoing vulnerability management through a continuous improvement lifecycle.

Threat Management

Threat Management service focus includes
  • Intelligence: Collect, optimise, and enrich threat intelligence.
  • Investigation: Understand cyber threats with the business context.
  • Detection: Proactive detection of active, serious threats targeting CNA networks
  • Automation: Eliminate manual processes and streamline investigation and response
  • Collaboration: Secure threat sharing via trusted circles. Such as ISACs and ISAOs.
  • Reduce operational complexities and costs, discover threats early, and improve defense and response potencies.
  • Predict threats and equip organisations to neutralise them in advance.

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