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Software solutions are just restructuring methods and meaningfully join in many business set-ups for well implementation and ending.

Our experience in providing industry solutions and customised services has enabled us to provide end-to-end business solutions for our customers worldwide. We offer our services to corporate houses, both small and large.

Our workflow is inclusive for all, from conceptualisation to post-production, we follow an agile and iterative development approach to provide you with solutions that will boost your business development.

We have a team of technically well-endowed specialists, knowledgeable across multiple platforms. We make applications using the latest technological media, keeping ourselves abreast of the latest technological developments.

Our Services

Artificial Intelligence
Transforming Possibilities, Empowering Innovations: Unleash the Future with our AI Solutions, Where Intelligence Meets Infinite Potential.
Rapid Application Development
Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a form of agile software development methodology that prioritises quick prototype releases and iterations.
Agile Methodology
Promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project. Makes development faster and reliable.
Web Application Development
We provide end to end web development services, from creating a prototype to building a complex web application, redesigning existing web apps, or migrating legacy code to the newest technologies.
Operational Systems
An operational system is the heart of your business. Your staff, customers, suppliers and other partners should be able to self-serve and gain access to the system – interacting only with the data pertinent to them.
Bespoke Business Applications
Bespoke applications, operational software, web apps, client portals – whatever you need for your business, We can help using advanced technology to build efficiency and competitive advantage.
Mobile Application Development
Enrich Your Business With Our Mobile Application Development Services. We build Android, iOS, Hybrid mobile applications that are feature-rich and user-friendly to the core.
Bespoke CRM & ERP Systems
We create the right CRM or ERP solution to enable your organisation to completely transform your business, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, give you actionable customer insights, highlight business opportunities, and increase customer engagement.
Customer Portal Software
We build client portal software that helps in streamlining the communication. The software provides the features for team collaboration, document approval, invoices, and billing facilities.
Application Migration to Cloud
We work various technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle cloud, which help your application migrate to the cloud.
Data Migration Services
Our data migration solutions help companies in the data migration crisis. Its make it easy for customers to navigate their digital transformation journey. Achieve results through well-thought-out strategic solutions.
Legacy Software Modernisation
Modernizing mission-critical apps can unlock new growth for your business. Choose an app modernization partner that can turn yesterday’s software into today’s competitive advantage.
Bespoke Databases
Develop bespoke database systems used in various situations, supporting business-critical applications and activities, frequently in multi-data centres or multi-site environments.
Application Security Testing Services
Accelerate and scale application security testing with on-demand resources and expertise​. We provide you with the flexibility to schedule and set the desired depth of testing.
UX Design Service
Creativity, customer focus the technological Innovation at its most OK with well-defined design processes at Star IT Services. Our projects' best-in-class mixture of technology and art captivate you with the elegance and style of visuals, sounds, contents, and interactions in our solutions.
QA & Testing Services
An end-to-end functional and non-functional testing of digital application is need of an organisation. Star IT Services is a Specialist QA & Software Testing Company assisting organisations globally to deliver high-quality Software Applications.
Our Software Solutions
UI/UX Design
QA & Testing
Bespoke Database
App & Data Migration

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