What is Penetration Testing?

It's the process to identify security vulnerabilities in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques. The weak points of a system are exploits in this process through an authorised simulated attack.

This test aims to secure essential data from outsiders like hackers who can have unauthorised access to the system. Once the vulnerability identifies, it then used to exploit the system to access sensitive information.

A penetration test tells whether the existing defensive measures employed on the system are strong enough to prevent any security breaches. Penetration test reports also suggest the countermeasures that can take to reduce the system's risk get hacked.

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Conducting A Penetration Testing

Causes Of Vulnerabilities
  • Design and development errors: There can be flaws in the design of hardware and software. These bugs can put your business-critical data at risk of exposure.
  • Wrong system configuration: This is another cause of vulnerability. If the system is poor configured, then it can introduce loopholes through which attackers can enter into the design & steal the information.
  • Connectivity: If the system connects to an unsecured network (open connections), it comes in hackers' reach.
  • Complexity: The security vulnerability rises in proportion to the complexity of a system. The more features a system has, the more chances of the system get attacked.
  • User Input: You must have heard of SQL injection, buffer overflows, etc. The data receiving electronically through these methods then used to attack the receiving system.
  • Communication: Channels like mobile networks, internet, telephone opens up security theft scope.
Why Penetration Testing?
  • Financial or critical data must be secured while transferring it between different systems or over the network
  • To secure user data.
  • To find security vulnerabilities in an application.
  • To discover loopholes in the system
  • To meet the information security compliance in the organisation.
  • To implement an effective security strategy in the organisation.
What Should Be Tested?
  • Software (Operating system, services, application
  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Processes
  • End-user behaviour

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